A Hundred Drums

Los Angeles, United States

DJ Producer Dubstep 140

Since the inception of A Hundred Drums in 2006, multi-instrumental bass music producer Gabrielle Watson has struck a balance between honoring the origins of modern electronic music and evolving her craft through tantalizing, genre-defiant soundscapes. Flowing through a range of dubstep, reggae, downtempo, and psytrance, A Hundred Drums has captivated audiences with a zest for creativity and appetite for innovation. All she needs are her hand drums to guide the way as her authentic sound is built from the ground up.

Drums are the source and backbone of music. Long before written history, people danced around campfires, creating one collective unit. From this, the name “A Hundred Drums” was born. Selecting the number “one hundred” because of its wholesomeness, A Hundred Drums aligns heartbeats to the BPM. Bringing cultural traditions into the electronic dance scene, A Hundred Drums unifies everyone’s drumming heartbeat to one collective rhythm.

Each human pulse ties the beat to the heart of the dancefloor, and Watson has connected heartbeats around the world through her evocative and seductive live sets. Having performed at a wide variety of notable venues and festivals around the world, A Hundred Drums prides herself on weaving the sounds of nature with the essence of deep bass music to unify all who listen. The next time you’re at one of her sets, remember how you feel. Remember the connection. That’s the moment Gabrielle intends to capture.

DJ Producer Dubstep 140 Ragga