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Sheba Q

Croydon, United Kingdom

Sheba Q wants you to know that Jungle is the mother of Grime and the sister of Hip-Hop when she steps up to the turntables. Alongside being a jungle enthusiast, both new and...

Yours Truly

Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom

YOURS TRULY is an upcoming DJ from Leighton Buzzard. Having been introduced to Jungle/Drum in bass in her younger years, she found herself wanting to master the craft of mixing...


Swansea, United Kingdom

S.W.I.D is a Midlands born DnB & 140 DJ, who first began her mixing journey back in 2004 when she started experimenting on a friends vinyl set up. After saving up to buy her...


London, United Kingdom

i was influenced from a young age by my mums and dads obsession with Drum and Bass and Jungle, so ive always had a dream of doing this and im making it happen! Djing to me is...

Mandala Ataksak

, Canada

Mandala Ataksak is a 140 specialist working with only the deepest and darkest sounds of dubstep. Drawing inspiration from her relationship with dance as ritual, pleasure and...


Tržič, Slovenia

Influenced by her father’s taste in music, Sari grew up on music from Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre and early electronic music from techno to trance. Since being a teen,...


Bristol, United Kingdom

Adelaide born, now Bristol based, missledz relocated to the UK in 2017 with an intention to immerse herself in the rich music culture for which it is renowned. With a reputation...

Kim Cosmik

Hastings, United Kingdom

Kim Cosmik started as a DJ with Sprial Tribe and Bedlam, playing at festivals and clubs all over the U.K and Europe as well as the legendary Knowledge Club at S.W.1,...

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