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Brussels, Belgium

Born in France, Sisley started her musical journey in 2005 by singing on several projects which led her to travel across Europe. In 2010, she moved to Brussels to continue her...

Mia Temple

Bristol, United Kingdom

Mia Temple is a 140/Dubstep DJ/producer who is currently making waves across the scene. Her style is a mixture of deep, gritty, melodic and heavy selections, moving through to...


New South Wales, Australia

Kaliopi has been DJing for the past 1.5 years across the eastern coast of Australia, predominantly Sydney, Canberra and Wollongong. She plays mostly Dubstep & Trap, with the...


London, United Kingdom

London based Pinks is an international 160-180 DJ and Producer. She is best known for taking her audience on a journey through the rave by mixing heavy, dark Drum & Bass and...

Josie Bee

Brighton, United Kingdom

Harkening back stylistically to the warehouse parties of the early to mid 90s, Brighton-based jungle aficionado Josie Bee is a part of the new wave of modern musicians bringing...

DJ Flight

London, United Kingdom

DJ Flight is widely regarded as one of the foundations of Drum & Bass and a pioneer of dance music. As a DJ and a radio presenter, she has been at the forefront of the...



Vispera aka Eve Piper is an MC, performance poet and DJ. Hailing from Manchester, Vispera has been performing words since her mid teens, developing her voice through spoken word,...

Lady MC

London, United Kingdom

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2020 & Best Female MC,  National Drum & Bass Awards. Lady MC has been an integral part of the jungle and drum & bass scene since...

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