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London, United Kingdom

E-lisa is a DJ, producer, singer and songwriter who is definitely showing her presence on the drum and bass scene right now. Her debut release titled “Survivor EP” gave her...


Wellington, New Zealand

BABETECH. An Aotearoa/New Zealand raised and based wahine Māori (Māori woman). BABETECH carries the strength of her iwi (tribe) through her selections. BABETECH embodies an...


Cardiff, United Kingdom

Natty Lou is a Drum and Bass DJ hailing from Cardiff, South Wales. Although originally from the UK, she has been living and working throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East....


Cardiff, United Kingdom

Electra has been DJing for the past three years, playing sets spanning a wide spectrum of bpm’s, from UK garage and breaks through hardcore, jungle, footwork and drum and...


London, United Kingdom

Renowned for her diverse oeuvre spanning Liquid, Jungle, Dancefloor Drum and Bass and even Dubstep, Elizabeth “LIZ-E” Welch has come a long way since her formative years as a...


Auckland, New Zealand

Keighto, grew up on the bass-driven shores of sunny Waiheke Island. After moving to Auckland in 2015 she immersed herself in the underground music scene. 10-years deep into a...


London, United Kingdom

A prominent voice in the thriving new generation of drum & bass artists, yet she broke through in her early 40s. A discerning, deep-digging selector, yet you will never be...


Leeds, United Kingdom

BITE ME a Scottish artist, now based on Leeds taking on the dnb and jungle scene with a neuro twist. She’s a producer first and foremost but has been doing gigs around...

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