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Oxford, United Kingdom

Since starting her DJing career, Aurora has played at some of the scenes headlining events and festivals. The summer of 2018 you would have seen her gracing The Garden Stage for...

Lou Lou

Manchester, United Kingdom

A northern based DJ from Leicester. I love to mix drum and bass, as well as a bit of 140 dub and garage. Initially, though, I started out mixing house and grooves.   I...

Yours Truly

Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom

YOURS TRULY is an upcoming DJ from Leighton Buzzard. Having been introduced to Jungle/Drum in bass in her younger years, she found herself wanting to master the craft of mixing...

DJ Strife

New York, United States

Strife’s flow of liquid Drum and Bass sounds infused with Brazilian flavor and vocal tunes make her track selection stream together with each blended mix. As well as being...


London, United Kingdom

Captivated by the sounds of Garage, Hardcore and Jungle via pirate radio stations and rave tape  packs, Decibella found her home on the dance-floors of One Nation, Telepathy and...


London, United Kingdom

Sabrina Solemani is a 19 year Drum & Bass DJ. Originally from Indonesia but now based in London, she has loved DnB for as long as she can remember but has a deep soft spot...


California, United States

With over a decade of experience in the game, Flava D has become known as one the most prolific and versatile artists on the bass music circuit. The Bournemouth born producer has...

Dread Maiden

New South Wales, Australia

Stemming from love of the ebb and flow of progressive metal, psychedelic rock journey music, Dread Maiden found her way to discovering a deep love for dub and drum and...

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