London, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Dubstep 140 Grime Breaks Garage Uk Bass

I would define myself as an esoteric woodland alt-black goblin in the city. Growing up isolated in the hinterland between nature and industrialism, the sounds I enjoy also embody that trance-like state, somewhere between a cavernous dream and the wind whistling through the trees. As a DJ who is taking steps into the world of production, I enjoy mixing industrial sounds, experimental noise and field recordings. I also love to play with drum and bass/breakcore and techno beats, marrying the world of ambient video game music, with the chaos of the club. I love to tap into nostalgia by blending old pop sounds with the freneticism of jersey club to get the club activated.

From my Jamaican dad’s reggae and bashment blaring through the walls to my northern mom’s punk and grunge reverberating through the house, my taste is broad, eclectic and open.I grew up where the industrial revolution started in the UK, and basically all that’s left there now are woods and abandoned Victorian architecture. As a mixed-raced non-binary queer, this environment, although isolating, also gave me the desire to find community. i found myself at the belly of the beast: London’s queer nightlife scene. I love the grass roots sound system culture in London, and strive to create spaces that uplift communities of queer, trans, and non binary Black and people of colour. What better place to reclaim our power.  I usually play at queer and alt-black events in East and South London. I have played Mindurhead and The Fred Perry Music Festival, and am involved in BOSS (Boss Obsidian Sound-system): A DIY QTIBPOC sound system where the speakers are stitched together by hand. I’ve played VFDalston, Superstore, Hackney Warehouses, SET Dalston, The Yard, Tola Peckham, at house parties and at raves.  I’ve found that no matter where u play in London, you can always find your people. On the dance floor I like to play music that unites the common isolation and creates a community of sweat, tears, laughter and heartbeats. Alongside DJing I also use a drum machine for live shows, as well as being involved in a multidisciplinary arts and performance collective called The Essences FM.  We just recently performed a Horror Opera at Southbank Centre. 

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Dubstep 140 Grime Breaks Garage Uk Bass Soulful High Energy Funky DarK Raw Gritty Tribal Tech Four Four Hardcore