Seattle, United States

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

My name is Alyssa, in the music world I go by ÅSE (ahh-say). I’m a 27 year old from Colorado, and currently live in Seattle in the USA. I first discovered drum and bass when I was YOUNG, around 9 years old through one of my favorite childhood cartoons called “The Powerpuff Girls”. Not only being obsessed with these superhero girls, the soundtrack totally intrigued me. I had already started collecting music by that point (CD’s & cassette tapes) and was teaching myself how to record my favorite songs off the radio on to tapes to listen to over and over again. Ofcourse at that point I was young still so my collection included Disney albums, Now That’s What I Call Music, and all the boy/girl bands and pop stars. But I was obsessed and only wanted more and more. By the time I was 13 I was completely enthralled by drum and bass. Chase & Status, BCee, Twisted Individual, Subtone & Stalker, Technical Itch, DJ Zinc, I could go on and on. I

had a really hard time in school and at that age went through some really traumatic experiences, and drum and bass was my medicine. Whether I was angry, happy, sad, or just content, there was always a dnb track for it. I moved from my small town of Snohomish to the big Seattle city on my own when I was 17, aching for music and to be apart of the community. As I made my way around and started to make friends, I was gifted my first controller which was a Traktor s4 and bought Traktor for my laptop. A friend of mine showed me the basics and it was all history from there. I am mostly self taught, and have played shows alongside some of my HEROs including: Alix Perez, Machinedrum, OAKK, Greazus, EPROM, The Librarian, Stylust Beats, Of The Trees, Pigeon Hole, Thriftworks, Adiidas, and more. Its been a true dream come true, and everything feels like it happened so quickly and I just keep rolling with it and working hard. Outside of music, I love scuba diving, backpacking, hiking, animals, and am currently working and in school full time to get my Esthetician license.

I love crafting and making delicious food. I also love connecting with other humans and making people laugh and smile. I’m working on learning music production as my next step in my music career, I use Ableton and have had it for years. It is a rabbit hole of it’s own and I am definitely eager to learn more. I have a few tracks I’ve made and uploaded and want to have an EP done by the end of 2021. All in all, I LOVE music and DnB is my first love since I could remember. I am honored to be apart of Dynamics and to be alongside a plethora of badass, amazing, brilliant women.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass