London, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Dubstep 140

Representing the darker corners of Drum and Bass, Aum’s distinct selection of Minimal, Tech, and Dark Rollers presents the deeper sounds of the genre. Aum started out playing at her friends’ event in Manchester (Kulture Project) and quickly found herself performing at larger events and festivals across Europe such as Sun and Bass, Hospitality, Wavey Garms, Outlook, plus many more brands. As well as having her own radio show on Goat shed ‘Chakra Sounds’, Aum presented and appeared on several other radio stations over the years. In more recent years Aum has dove into the multi-genre realm exploring 140, 160 – Footwork and Jungle.

For the past few years, Aum has been working hard to find her sound in the studio as a vocalist & songwriter and is looking to have her debut single out very soon.

She is a proud owner of ‘Chakra Sounds’ – a music and events collective showcasing a range of artists, genres, and cultures, from Disco, House, and Drum & Bass to acoustic musicians.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Dubstep 140