Bristol, United Kingdom

DJ Drum And Bass

After stepping to the fore in 2018, Averse has quickly made a name for herself across the UK’s drum & bass scene. Quick-fire mixing and a razor sharp selection set her apart from her peers as she blends tech-infused tracks from labels such as Guidance and Sofa Sound with heavy, rolling tunes from the Renegade Hardware/Quarantine era. 

Her performance credits – both solo and as part of D&B power trio Nuance – include Shogun Audio, Overview, Free From Sleep, Skankandbass, Intrigue, Love Saves The Day and Wide Eyes (with a forthcoming appearance at Hospitality on the Beach 2021) supporting artists such as Ulterior Motive, Technimatic, Insideinfo, Pola & Bryson and Arkaik along the way.

Averse’s infectious personality permeates her DJing style, resulting in a truly unique sonic identity that is unafraid to reach beyond D&B when the time is right. Her accomplishments to date are impressive and she is still only reaching her stride, marking an undeniably bright future for this talented young DJ.

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