London, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

BARONNA is a name, that while you don’t know it yet, you really should.  Born on the beautifully wild West Coast of Scotland, but forged in  London’s urban heartland, Baronna is an artist that doesn’t just bring both  influences from both of those worlds into her music, she brings a decade spanning wealth that has one foot respectfully in the past but both eyes  firmly on the future. She has spent the best part of 3 decades in the capital  watching the life-style ofacid house, hardcore and jungle in some of the  UK’s now legendary clubs. Although making the decision to step away  from music for a while to focus on her young family, she’s firmly back in  the driving seat.

Mentored by KRUST, & having her mixes championed by none other than  DJ Flight, Data Transmission, House of Hi-Fi , she has also found the time  to run a mix series of her own.

Her productions have already caught the attention of tastemakers like  Spacecadet, Symmetry and Overview.  Get to know the name Baronna because you’ll be seeing a lot more of it  very soon.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass