Becca Jane Grey

London, United Kingdom

Vocalist Drum And Bass

Vocalist on heavily rotated soully roller Light Cascading, one of the highlights on Keeno’s album All The Shimmering Things, she’s swiftly becoming a regular partner-in-vibes for a growing number of D&B deepsmiths including Logistics, Macca & Loz Contreras, Dexcell, Bert H, and Philth.

Flexing a distinctive dulcet range from the smoky, introspection of These Days (with Bert H) to the more cosmically minded soul of Finding You (with Dexcell), you get the feeling that Becca is only just warming up. Having quit a career in fashion to study and work in music, she’s invested everything into her future in drum & bass.

Vocalist Drum And Bass Liquid Soulful Vocals Deep Musical