Leeds, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Breaks

BITE ME a Scottish artist, now based on Leeds taking on the dnb and jungle scene with a neuro twist. She’s a producer first and foremost but has been doing gigs around Yorkshire for the past year, bringing a blend of neurofunk and hard jungle.

With a few EPs and releases out from the likes of deep in the jungle, with her solo EP ’emulation’ shes pushing a ‘future jungle’ style taking lots of inspiration from the likes of imanu and gyrofield. The Emulation EP was also featured on Nosia’s vision radio!

BITE ME also co-ownes the jungle and dub label ‘Tempura trax’ with DJ krushi and Narna, throwing sold out raves that really show jungle isnt dead and bringing the sound of footwork to the masses

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Breaks Neurofunk Raw