Brand New Trumpets

London, United Kingdom

Producer Drum And Bass

An avid fan of Drum & Bass, she began her rave journey at the age of 14 her interest started with song writing and she later got into production, always tinkering with electronic music, hip-hop beats and Drum & Bass.

Surrounded by music makers, both of her brothers are Drum & Bass producers, her younger brother Mitekiss is currently signed to Hospital Records. Around 6yrs ago, with a change in profession, she became increasingly confident with her own sound, taking herself a bit more seriously. Her influences in music range from Radiohead to Flying Lotus.

So far she has had a release on Siren Audio and since then, exclusively signed to Diffrent Music in 2019. With more releases on the horizon and no chance of slowing down – be sure to look out for her.

Producer Drum And Bass Liquid Soulful Jazzy Musical