Berlin, Germany

DJ Drum And Bass Jungle

Bumblebee hails from Chicago, a city synonymous with dance music and DJ culture. An accomplished international artist and DJ.

Bumblebee is a stalwart of the drum and bass scene and hosts The Hive every Sunday on Bassdrive.  She has performed live in many different countries. She also represents ProperDNB and DNBid crew from Chicago.

Bumblee’s passion and drive led her to another global dance music mecca, Berlin, where she currently resides. 

From liquid funk, techstep to rollers, she is an exciting performer known for tight mixing & dynamic track selections. 

Checkout The Hive Sundays from 16-18  on bassdrive.com

DJ Drum And Bass Jungle Liquid Rollers Soulful Funky Deep DarK Subby