Oxford, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Dubstep 140

Hi, my name is Charlotte (Charis as my artist name), I’m 26 years old from the Oxfordshire area. I have always loved listening to Drum and bass or any bass music ever since I was very young. I always wanted to mix and produce in my early teenage years and never had the confidence to do so. Around 2019 I decided to give mixing a go and I absolutely loved it from then on until now. In 2020 I finally brought Ableton and started to teach myself to produce by watching YouTube videos. I had little experience from doing a Music Technology course when I was in college, there wasn’t too much on production wise but it still helped me with some of the basics. The style / sub Genres of Drum and Bass I tend to enjoy the most has got to be dark minimal / Rollers/ Liquid. My biggest influences in Drum and Bass has got to be Alix Perez, Satl, Halogenix, Enei, Break, Calibre, Amoss, DLR and many more to name! So far i have released free downloads on my Soundcloud and 1 official release on all music platforms with collaborated artists. I have many more tunes in the works but I still have a long way to go to perfecting the tracks I make to be able to send off to any label just yet. I really enjoy having DAW sessions just sound designing and to see what kind of sounds I can make using different plug ins & sounds to inspire me to make new tracks in the future. Music Producing for me is a very passionate hobby of mine and I enjoy every part of it. One of the biggest dreams of mine is I hope that one day I would be able to play my tracks to a crowd and people would recognise the tracks being played. I am still trying to find out my own unique sound even if its the drum patterns I make or the sound designs but all of that would come naturally and would not want that forced in anyway. I have played 1 set during my time mixing in a small pub/venue in Lewisham, I really enjoyed the adrenalin it gives you and the crowd reactions to the tune selections. I would love to be booked for more in the future and to be able to have that adrenaline again . I’ve been going to raves every since I was 15 and have always been very passionate about drum and bass and a genre appreciating the art of it.

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DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Dubstep 140 Liquid Rollers Minimal Soulful Deep DarK Tech