Vancouver, Canada

DJ Producer Dubstep 140

Dubstep producer, Dalliance, based out of British Columbia, Canada, is bringing a brand new sound influenced by the underground scene and her experiences within it. 

First breaking into the scene back in 2011 as an attendee, she quickly became inspired by the diversity of music and culture leading to her first project, Tiny Humans. A heavy dubstep duo, playing alongside a close friend.

Since then, Dalliance has branched out into her solo project, creating a unique sound of her own which focuses on the deeper and heavier depths of bass music, taking vision from artists like Dalek One, Sectra and Repulsion.

With releases on Keep Deep, opening sets for Khiva and Pigeon hole and multiple slots at Hi, Society Music Festival, Dalliance is rising quickly, with lots of more music to be expected and you do not want to miss it.

DJ Producer Dubstep 140