London, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Jungle

Captivated by the sounds of Garage, Hardcore and Jungle via pirate radio stations and rave tape  packs, Decibella found her home on the dance-floors of One Nation, Telepathy and Raindance where she began her underground musical education, leading later to the dubstep-oriented institutions FWD and DMZ.

Her DJ sets capture the authentic sounds of Jungle and Rave, across its broad spectrum of forms.  With a soulful yet rude girl style and refined selection, even though she’s pushing the freshest dubs and releases from the scenes new wave of contemporary artists and labels, her taste is infused with a revered nod to the original sound and vibe of the genre.

And she knows her history – a keen record collector, she will draw from the archives when the moment is right. Describing her approach to DJing and production she says ‘Jungle to me is this beautiful mixture of darkness and light and of softness and toughness, I always try to balance these elements in my DJ sets and when I’m making music in the studio.’

In March 2020 she dropped her debut vinyl release Outta London/Be True on Stretch’s label AKO Beatz, which had support from DJ Flight, Mantra, Sherelle, Coco Bryce, Tim Reaper, LMajor and J  Kenzo, and she has releases forthcoming on AKO, Rupture, Diamond Life, Disrupt and Club Glow. You can catch her playing regularly at Rupture and AKO where she is a resident.

Decibella has established herself in the scene as a passionate and talented DJ and an exciting new producer. She kicked off 2020 with a bang making her debut at Fabric for wxmb2.

DJ Producer Jungle