Minneapolis, United States

DJ Producer Dubstep 140

DRTY HBTZ is the individualistic brainchild of Minneapolis based DJ/Producer Kelly Gilbert. Originally hailing from Texas and later raised in the misty mountains of Colorado, this performer blends the techniques of slowed n’ throwed hip hop with an infusion of granular saturation followed by industrial styled dubstep.

This individual’s artistic journey kicked off with her DJ debut in 2010, showcasing her raw abilities to grasp technical knowledge to allow her talent to shine through. DRTY HBTZ performances have always offered up smooth transitions, keen attention to detail, well thought out timing, and the propensity to create an inviting atmosphere for her audience. After years of gaining a practical sense of the nuances of the music industry, more particularly the electronic music scene, Kelly made her production debut in 2018 and was quickly able to curate her own distinct sounds that solidified her artistic identity.

Throughout her career she has been featured on labels such as Heavy Traffic Recordings, Abysmal Entities, Hell Yeah!, After Dark Music, Elemental Arts, BMB Recordings, plus many more including independent releases. As far as live performances go, she has been a part of various admirable and mind-blowing lineups with musical acts such as Khiva, A Hundred Drums, Anna Morgan, Prophet, Mikrodot, Notlo, Basiclee, Alxzndr, Shades, and many more notable names.

If you are ever able to catch a live set orchestrated by DRTY HBTZ, jump on the opportunity! The musical ambience she can produce is fierce, yet captivating while her skillset is extremely versatile, well honed, and constantly evolving.

DJ Producer Dubstep 140