Leeds, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle

Eminence first stepped on the decks at Beaverworks Leeds in February 2018 and has been progressing at a truly dizzying pace, gaining serious momentum while tearing forward on her break infested musical quest! This rude gyal junglist has since travelled up, down, east and west mashing up the dance floors and conjuring up rhythmic potions to enchant all those who move to the dance. Following on from a stacked year of bookings that saw her play a vast array of club nights (Mood Swings, License to Jungle, Junglism) and festivals (Beatherder, Solfest, Eden) this lethal DJ turned producer is now looking to pay homage to her old school 90’s influence with her own delicately finessed and original sound. Playing everything from early 90s hardcore to fast paced amens, Eminence never fails to get the crowd going. 

On the 30th March she launched her new event ‘Upraw’, strictly focussing on showcasing the roots of the underground sound system culture that has inspired her. This is held at Blueberry Hill Studios in Leeds and is set out to bring you the best in jungle, dubstep, garage and drum and bass. Although there have only been two events so far, they have both been a huge success and she can’t wait to get the next one started (already in the process of planning). As the year has progressed, she has been devoted to her production and has now had a couple of releases with labels such as UK Jungle and In Da Jungle Audio. With some other big releases on the horizon, Eminence is definitely one to keep your eyes on.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle