Leeds, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

In an age of technology where social media is the driving force of the music industry, Fanchu is an artist that capitalises on this. Attracting a lot of attention with their eccentric Djing Style, Fanchu was able to grow a dedicated fan base and has used this audience to bring awareness of the LGBT+ community and spread their unwavering positivity.

In under a year, Fanchu has dominated the dnb scene in Leeds, getting bookings to sold out events at venues such as: Beaverworks, Mint Warehouse and Wire. As Fanchu’s fan base in Leeds grew, so did their passion to put on a unique show every set they got. This attracted promoters from other major cities in the Uk, leading to bookings in London, Manchester and Bristol.

Admired for their innovating style, Fanchu caught the eye of Sigmas Tour Manager, accelerating their career by being asked to play a set alongside Sigma and DJ Hazard at Ministry of Sound London. This led to further collaborations with artists such as Sota, Vibe Chemistry, AC13, Bou, Inja and more. It’s this level of individualism that sets Fanchu apart from their peers.

Fanchu has built a strong reputation for djing and are now looking to replicate the same success in production.

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