Birmingham, United Kingdom

DJ Drum And Bass

Frenetic by name and frenetic by nature, the word isn’t just the alias the 24-year-old breakout star of the Birmingham scene has carved out for herself, it’s also the perfect way to describe the sound of her sets and an even more accurate way to illustrate her explosive entrance into the world of drum & bass.

​Her sound builds heavily on her roots listening to the likes of Serial Killaz, Bladerunner, Dillinja and Shy FX, but has evolved to incorporate a good deal of the gritty edge she’s absorbed through her immersion in the UK’s second city. Expect heavy hitting rollers, big basslines and rattling breaks. A junglist through and through though, she comfortably dips into sounds right across the spectrum, drawing crowds in with her flawless selection and innate energy, bolstered with a healthy dose of dubs supplied by many across the scene who’ve recognised her talent and passion.

This combination has proved magnetic to all around and Frenetic has found herself getting booked across the board; having already played at some huge events in Birmingham and beyond with brands such as Hospitality, RAM, Born On Road, Critical, Shogun Audio, Playaz, Royal Rumble, Dubplate Style, Jungle Cakes, Shadow Demon Coalition and Rumble in the Jungle and she’s already had some hefty festival bookings from Boomtown, NASS, Hospitality on the Beach, Nozstock, MADE, Truefest, Illusive and Hospitality in the Park.

Everything Frenetic has accomplished so far she’s done in the short space of 3 years and, with her showing no signs of slowing down, she’s definitely one to watch.

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