Bristol, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

Gyrofield represents a fundamental reimagining of Drum and Bass. The newest member of DnB’s acclaimed collective Music Squad, the 18 year old has quickly become a flagbearer of the new wave of the genre, with the likes of IMANU, Buunshin and Vorso, ready to tear down the conventions of olde and the gatekeepers, and embrace a futuristic vision of skank.

In 2019, the enigmatic young producer burst onto the scene with Out of My Mind. The energetic dancefloor roller which doubled as a vocal anthem for the SoundCloud underground resonated with a special audience, earning her accolades from the likes of bonjr and Bad Computer. The track signalled the start of a new era for the Hong Kong producer; one of astronomical growth, defying critics and pleasing her supporters with every step.

Moving on to make the year truly her own, gyrofield released tracks like Toluene, Ocean Eater, and a remix of Stonebank’s Lift You Up to critical acclaim from the likes of Grant and Going Quantum. However, the most notable achievement has to be the release of the Evaluate Me EP. The album showcased the potential that gyrofield is truly capable of, and drew praise from artists as revered as Om Unit and Billain. The EP melds flesh-crawling synthwork with dance-friendly numbers, combining to give a sonic punch that stuns even the most experienced listener with a dose of freshness.

2020 sees the artist kick off the year with the double sided single Here 2 Stay/Lionfish with awakelate. Her first steps in drum and bass- Tech Flex, released on Overview May 8th, cemented her status as an unconventional outsider, riding on the shoulders of giants such as Noisia, Phace and Justin Hawkes. She follows up this massive debut with a song on UKF’s imprint Pilot,  with a liquid track that brings to mind the likes of Aphex Twin and Halogenix.

Hailed as the princess of new-wave DnB, gyrofield is establishing a cult following as she shapes the future of dance music with a technical and precise lens that is still DIY and chaotic at core. She looks forward to following up the momentum with a debut release on the iconic mau5trap, with a high-energy dancefloor EP that will draw in new audiences as well as please longtime fans.

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