Bristol, United Kingdom

DJ Drum And Bass

Hollie-May resists your definitions. She’s not a sweet, young thing spinning on the decks for your viewing pleasure. She’s not a novelty act added to a bill in an industry heavily dominated by men. She’s not a female DJ, she’s a DJ, an artist and an activist. She’s unafraid to push past boundaries and defy the typical.

As such, her sound doesn’t fit your expectations, it rumbles you; bold and uncompromising, deep and rolling with mercurial arcs and twists. Her background and influences might be familiar to many of us; getting down to techno as a teen and raving to jungle at free parties before she was old enough to drink, but her sound also broods with a heaviness born of an early love of heavy metal (Hollie-May’s dad played in the thrash metal band Kaotika) and explores a darker side to the form. Now well established she has been shuffling nebulous shadows of big, bad sound next to the greats, performing alongside Ray Keith, Aphrodite, Goldie, Kenny Ken , Bladerunner, Miampi Swift and Saxxon, to name just a few. Holding down residences for Rumble In The Jungle and Shotgun sessions, she is a regular face around Bristol.

Boss man Alex who runs Deep In The Jungle recognised Hollie-may’s keen ear and delegated the A&R role to her, trusting her to scout out music fit for the label. Also Having played at a DLR’S record label ‘Sofa sounds’ back in January, the crew quickly recognised her passion and authenticity and asked her to work on a project with them addressing the gender issues. So please get in contact with her if you have something exciting brewing!

DJ Drum And Bass