Guildford, United Kingdom

DJ Drum And Bass

After beginning her journey as a DJ in 2020,  I S C A R L A ‘ s  drive and passion for Drum & Bass has expanded and grown ever since. Following a  journey of discovery through this genre, she has truly found the unique sound she is now known for;

With a focus on curating and producing unique sets which centre around the progression of Drum & Bass, these ‘story-like mixes’ take the listener on a journey through a spectrum of sub-genres, whilst introducing unexpected references to iconic tracks.

With a speciality in underpinning her mixes with darker halftime beats, the experience she aims to create is that of exciting unpredictable narratives, hopefully introducing listeners to slightly darker, more underground sounds & artists, whilst showcasing the possibilities of how this music can blend together and what it can create.

DJ Drum And Bass Liquid Rollers Minimal Vocals High Energy Funky Deep DarK Two Step Subby Tribal Halftime