Bristol, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

ID[E]A’s love for D&B started in her teens when she was first introduced to Jungle. Since then she has been a keen raver and attended parties up and down the country. 

ID[E]A finally learnt how to DJ two years ago, she felt inspired to try it herself after seeing a rise in female artists within the scene. She quickly gained support from her local scene in Cambridgeshire, playing at events such as Sabotage, Urban Bass, SubSonik and Lovely Drop, and supporting huge names such as K-Motionz, Alix Perez, Skeptical and Nicky Blackmarket.

Her selection is strongly influenced by the choppy jungle breaks that initially drew her into D&B, as well as incorporating a wide range of sonics within D&B – from minimal beats to the heavy rolling basslines. Her mixing style focuses on big blends and harmonic combinations of high energy tunes.

2019 ended with a huge set on New Year’s Eve, at the Bristol Bridewell Complex, supporting the likes of Serial Killaz, Ray Keith, DJ Krust, and DJ Hybrid. Since then she has returned to play various sold out events in Bristol.

ID[E]A holds residencies with New Bass Order, Noxious Records and the brand that she co-founded, Lovely Drop. A highlight of 2020 was to be playing alongside her fellow DJs from New Bass Order at Ministry of Sound in London. She was also looking forward to planning and running the D&B tent at DSCNNCT FSTVL.

Since lockdown, ID[E]A has delivered with her live-streams, playing weekly on her own page or through brands such as Saturday SkankOut, Stompa Sounds and Deluzional Drums. She and her friends at Lovely Drop also managed to secure a spot on the lineup for Tearout’s Winter Festival after nailing their competition entry.

As well as dedicating hours to mixing, she has spent the past few months networking and making connections in the scene.

ID[E]A hopes to put her creativity and technical skills to the test by learning how to produce her own music, something she is working on right now. In the next few years she hopes to start releasing her own tunes, and continue to play at events alongside some of the biggest names in the scene.


DJ Producer Drum And Bass