Ila Brugal

London, United Kingdom

DJ Dubstep 140

Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Ila Brugal became an avid music collector at very young age. Using a camera she started documenting everything she experienced within the music scene she was a part of in Italy, she shot all kinds of shows and got the chance to connect with many UK based artists. From there she decided to take it a step further and move herself from Italy, all the way to London and aim to work within the music industry and taught herself to DJ. 

Ila is someone who has paved her own path and made a name for herself on her own terms. She’s a part of the notorious Croydub gang and played at a number of events around Europe for the underground collective. With a very eclectic musical taste and a deep bag of dubs she has the ability to please an audience while also introducing them to elements they were not yet familiar with and thereby pushing them out of their comfort zone.

Over the past three years  show dates have included the likes of Croydub, Boomtown, Eastern Electric, and Nass Festival.

Ila has also made a name for herself as radio presenter, curating shows to spotlight up-and-coming artists: after two very successful years on Subtle FM she now holds a monthly residency slot on Balamii and have made further appearances on Rinse FM, Reprezent and NTS Radio.

Expect forward thinking, dark hard-hitting sounds and heavyweight bass.

DJ Dubstep 140 DarK