Colorado, United States

DJ Producer Dubstep 140

IndigoAura, originally from Indianapolis, IN, has also been seen living and playing live in the Colorado and Florida music communities. She began as just a DJ in 2017, later eager to learn more, and started watching countless YouTube videos on how to start producing and teaching herself, while trying to tap into prior band knowledge she had, to begin producing music in FL Studio.

Playing the flute and percussion in her middle school band and being in her high school choir, she learned how to read and write music early on which helped her later on in her music career. Aura then moved on to Ableton and that is what she still uses to produce music to this day.

Her inspirations for music are definitely diverse, but if you were to categorize her style, it ranges from deep medi and reggae dub selections to melodic forest nymph vibes to even sad boy goth music.

DJ Producer Dubstep 140 Deep Musical Dub