Seattle, United States

DJ Drum And Bass Jungle Garage

In September of 2015 Mixmag named Jordana as one of 20 Women Who Helped Shape Dance Music as she was one of the first widely respected producers of Drum and Bass in the United States. As both a DJ and Producer she has toured as a headliner and played alongside many of the top DJs in the world of Electronic and more specifically Jungle and Drum & Bass music. She has also worked with artists such as Mike Joyce (formerly of The Smiths), Deborah Harry and Blondie, Lady Sovereign, Yellownote & TC Izlam from Liquid Sky Records. She’s had over 50 original releases throughout her career.

The Pittsburgh, PA native first came to popular attention in the mid 90s and is considered an early Pioneer of American Drum and Bass. In 2001-2003 Jordana was known as Lady J and was a regular DJ on FLEX FM in London, UK while playing and producing Garage Music.

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, Jordana returned with the politically-charged single ‘Fight For Our Lives’ and a handful of newer productions, teasing a full-album release. She also uploaded ‘The Uprising’ DJ mix and DJ’ed part of Kremwerk’s online Pride celebrations as well as on London and LA radio. In addition she performed at Seattle’s “Drum and Bass Tuesdays” Livestream as her debut appearance which is the longest running D&B weekly event in the world. During the same year, the label Renegade Hardware invited her to remix one of their classic tracks.

DJ Drum And Bass Jungle Garage