Josie Bee

Brighton, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Jungle One Sixty

Harkening back stylistically to the warehouse parties of the early to mid 90s, Brighton-based jungle aficionado Josie Bee is a part of the new wave of modern musicians bringing back an old-school flavour to the genre. Gliding atmospheric pads, intense 808-style sub bass, and chopped-up drum breaks are commonly on the menu in her productions, with her DJ sets featuring both the minimalistic and ethereal, and the more intense, amen-break laden ends of the jungle and hardcore spectrum in equal measure.

Perhaps most well-known for her star-studded residency on Noods Radio showcasing all things jungle, Josie is also heavily active on the live circuit, having recently worked with the likes of Coco Bryce, Mantra, Tim Reaper, and dgoHn.

With an active year of live events, new music, and radio shows behind her even with the difficulties facing the world of live music recently, Josie’s powerful momentum within the jungle scene shows no signs of slowing, and looks set to carry her to tremendous heights in the dance music world within the very near future.

DJ Producer Jungle One Sixty Minimal Hardcore