JUICE Drum and Bass or BassRoutes, LLC

Portland, United States

DJ Drum And Bass

JUICE Drum and Bass began in Bend, Oregon in 2005, as a monthly event curated by Chemynne Perlingieri, motivated by the desire to bring drum and bass to the area. After continuously pushing the night and its brand spanning now near 18 years, JUICE has grown to international recognition and is the longest running drum n bass night in Oregon.

Moving north, JUICE continued on in Portland after 2010, hosting local, regional, and international producers focused on the deep soulful sounds of drum and bass. The night ran monthly last Saturdays for years; then Thursdays bi-monthly 2013-18. Two years following, JUICE resided at The Whiskey Bar downtown until Feb of 2020 when it closed. Despite the pandemic, JUICE has kept running steadily on Twitch for two and a half years, resuming quarterly IRL shows in 2022. JUICE continues to promote the genre through select last-Friday-of-the-month online and IRL features, and through regular weekly InBetween Sessions on twitch.tv/juicedrumandbass.

Growing the brand of JUICE as a staple in the Pacific Northwest music scene, JUICE has hosted some of DnB’s finest out to Oregon—including DJ MARKY, GOLDIE, LTJ Bukem, Dub Phizix & Strategy, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Bladerunner, Total Science, Lenzman, Big bUd, Kubiks & Lomax, ASC, Method One, Stunna, Random Movement, Artificial Intelligence, Dave Owen, T.R.A.C., MC Fava, Atlantic Connection, Utah Jazz, dBridge, OmUnit, Technimatic, Zero T, Spectrasoul, LSB & DRS, Digital, Commix, Redeyes, Command Strange, Emma G & MC Tali, Marcus Visionary, KJ Sawka…the list goes on. The sound and culture of JUICE continues to be represented through international and local livestreams, JUICE merchandise, and podcasts by Chemynne and JUICE residents at: soundcloud.com/juicedrumandbass.

Alongside running a graphic design business of 22 years (Mulch Design, now retired), Chemynne’s love-of-DnB-travels promoting this brand have spanned across the coasts and the UK. While DJing has never been her directive, her mixes have been featured on local and European radio, DnBRadioBrazil, Bassdrive.com, 916Junglist Radio, RenegadeRadio.co.uk, on Arrested Development’s online radio show Musical Safari, and on multiple Twitch channels. Great support and backbone to JUICE events comes from an amazing team; combined with some of the area’s finest: residents Definition Positive (PDX/Salem), Revival (Soul Deep Recs/Fokuz/PDX), Praderz (Deep Space Recs/UK/PDX), Subfugitive (PDX/VA), Axiom (PDX) and MC Questionmark (PDX/LA/UK). JUICE’s fantastic photographer Van Adam Davis rounds out this diverse and talented crew.

Sprouting from JUICE, BassRoutes, LLC launched early 2019 emerging from a devotion to the music and a drive to support the artists on a deeper level. BassRoutes’ mission is to provide exceptional agency service to comprehensively meet artist’s tour and promotional needs. Currently representing Command Strange (RU), Redeyes (FR), Atlantic Connection (Columbia/US), BCee (UK), Winslow (MO), T.R.A.C. (NYC), and Jaybee (VA), BassRoutes grows gently and is dedicated full-time to drum and bass culture. More through info@bassroutes.com or facebook.com/bassroutes (www.bassroutes.com)

Immeasurable hours go into this night creating an ambiance of love, top notch graphics, maintaining the technical side of the livestreams, website and merch store. The mission of keeping the JUICE brand rolling onward—continues. Sharing this amazing style of deep soulful drum and bass through live and online forums drives a tireless effort to keep the music relevant. Each session is a unique experience, best shared together. JUICE is proud and humbled to be a cornerstone in Oregon’s diverse electronic music scene for 17+ years. Thanks to the crew, sponsors, local & twitch communities, and the international DnB scenes which continue to support this genre and lifestyle here in the Pacific Northwest—and worldwide.

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