K Super

Manchester, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle

Co-promoter of Certain Sounds & resident of Jungle outfit Ruff Cutz, K Super is a free party & underground scene regular and can often be found drawing for records at an illegal rave under a windmill or in a muddy field on the Pick & Mix Soundsystem.

Having played at events such as Rupture, Jungle Syndicate and Formless her sets are known for their breakbeat & bass heavy upfront vibe, expect to hear anything ranging from the Oldskool Hardcore & mid 90’s Jungle steppas through to the sounds of Amen heavy Ruffneck dnb & modern day Junglism. She is largely influenced by the vibes she witnessed as a teenager at Manchester’s legendary Audiosalad event, the melting pot of sound played a huge part in the development of both her DJing and production style.

Having dropped a few digital releases here and there over the past decade, she’s recently been focusing more of her time on production and cutting dubs of her music as often as possible. Her first vinyl release came in 2019 alongside Atlas, with their collaborative track ‘Kira’ featuring on Ruff Cutz – ‘The Pullin’ Teeth EP’. 2020 has been her most productive year yet with a release on Repertoire’s Streetlight Volume 1 and forthcoming vinyl releases on Parallax Recordings and Diffrent Music’s sub label Sweetbox.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle