London, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle

Coming from a musical background, it was always destined that Kara would be involved in music from a young age and her love of Jungle and Drum and Bass grew strong in those early days. Becoming a DJ was the natural progression for Kara who was taught by her mother to play vinyl from the family’s large record collection and she soon found herself performing at parties which progressed into clubs and festivals.

Kara mixes both Jungle and DnB in her sets to showcase her love of the whole genre and one of her main objectives is to represent female artists in dance music and inspire others to follow her path as she followed the path her family set out for her. Recently Kara has stepped into the studio and is learning her craft to bring that vibe she has experienced at events to the dancefloor. Expect some exciting music coming real soon.

Most recently, Kara has taken the internet by storm with her live streams and mixing clips getting some amazing views, making her one of our scenes hottest new artists to break through and this is just the start.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Kara.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle