Oxford, United Kingdom

DJ Drum And Bass Jungle

What you get with Katalyst, firstmost and foremost, is a very particular type of passion for music. There are music-lovers who express that by consuming as much of it as they can, voraciously and enthusiastically. Then there are others whose love can only be sufficiently expressed through creating music themselves.

Katalyst is, unmistakeably, one of the latter group. Musical creation is, it seems, hard-wired into her circuitry.

Even as a child, she grabbed every opportunity to learn as much about music as she could, learning to play the violin, clarinet, guitar, drums, piano and more before she even left school. Simultaneously, she was discovering her love for breakbeats, her musical understanding allowing her to connect the dots between traditional instrumentalism and sample-based genres like breaks and DnB.

Of course, someone with her drive and love of discovery was never going to be content simply as a fan of breakbeat-based music. She had to be involved. She had to be putting her energy into it. So she acquired her first set of decks, began studying the art and craft of mixing, and Katalyst the artist came into being.

As drum ‘n’ bass grew in her affections to become her genre of choice, her name began unobtrusively popping up on flyers alongside top tier deejays. A solid series of bookings around Bristol and the Midlands propelled Katalyst into the next tier of prestige gigs such as Boomtown, Westfest, Glastonbury Festival and multiple bookings at Printworks and E1, London. Her three-sixty selection and deep respect for the craft of deejaying have quickly established that she’s bringing something highly individual to the table, and people are taking notice.

With all her technical musical knowledge, her focus on improvement and her sheer love for breaks and the sound of DnB, Katalyst is already set for big things. As the spotlight turns to her production, with her first track out on Biological Beats. Shortly followed by releases on OTC and Riot Dubs, with a recent Radio 1 play on Jeremiah’s Saturday night show, it’s clear that her very particular blend of talents has the potential to offer us a twist on the formula we’ve never quite heard before. 

In true Katalyst fashion, she enters 2023 with a bang – securing a mentorship with EQ50 and Ram Records, and a diary filling up with numerous bookings. Watch this space!

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