Leo Wood

Bristol, United Kingdom

Vocalist Drum And Bass

Leo is a songwriter and recording artist who explores the partnership between acoustic and electronic genres. Setting out her creative stall at the intersection of languidly tempered electronica-infused beats and soulful introspection. Leo explores and integrates genres, breaking the rulebook at every opportunity with a diverse flow of releases and collaborations.

As well as her own eclectic releases in jazz, acoustic & electronica, Leo is currently working alongside distinguished artists all over the world to develop new pioneering sounds that weave her soulful melodies and original lyricism through electronic dance music.

She has been featured on many leading Drum and Bass/Bass channels including UKF, Hospital and Liquicity. And has released material with a shining selection of Drum and Bass labels including the above along with Spearhead Records, Shogun Audio, SGN:LTD, CIA, Insomniac records, Context Audio and last but certainly not least Fokuz Recordings. Leo just released her first primary artist track ‘Lions’ with Fokuz and will follow this with her debut drum and bass EP ‘Cool Air’ this winter.

Leo brings a touch of classical training to the table and interprets DnB through the ears of a soul singer-song writer. This delivers a unique take on the genre, creating a hybrid of beautifully produced beats and adventurous bold vocals that enjoy sitting center stage.

Her collaborations and individual vocal performances have been repeatedly critically acclaimed as she continues to explore and release music with prolific determination.

Vocalist Drum And Bass Soulful Vocals