Wellington, New Zealand

DJ Drum And Bass

All the way from New Zealand, Levi has been making some serious moves in 2020. After learning how to mix on and off for the last four years, she really picked it up and hit the ground running in June 2019 after buying her first set of decks.

Since then, Levi has been steamrollering her way through the DnB scene, taking full advantage of New Zealand’s closed boarders, meaning gigs are still able to be played on the reg. This Wellington based DJ has been playing various shows around the country opening for acts such as Asides, State of Mind, Trei And local powerhouses Breaking Beats.

Representing for the females in the Revolve Crew, Levi has made it her mission to try and bring equality into the scene. She recently ran a all female DJ night in the country’s capital and recently featured on the Uk based female DJ movement, House of Hifi (link to the mix below).

Levi has one hell of a heavy, roller sound that you do not want to miss!

DJ Drum And Bass Rollers