Cardiff, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle

Lubi J is well known for her strong selections behind the decks, both on vinyl and digital formats. She’s been playing jungle and drum and bass since 2000.

She started off mostly playing soulful dnb heavily influenced by Fabio’s liquid funk and artists like Calibre, Carlito and Addiction and EZ Rollers. Despite mostly playing liquid in the early days her love for jungle and the darker styles was always there and she would often pull out tracks from labels like Ram, Liftin Spirits, Metalheadz, V, Full Cycle and Renegade Hardware. In the late 00s she side-stepped into playing disco and funk for a few years after being educated and influenced by her friend and artist Hoxe on old skool funk and the history of breaks.

She fell back in love with playing dnb around 2012 when Catapult Records (legendary record store in Cardiff) started putting on nights in the unique Vaults venue and gave her a residency. At this time she was the only female playing drum and bass in Cardiff.

In recent years she’s become more immersed in the darker breaks and beats of jungle. Heavily influenced by labels like Function, Rupture, Samurai and Repertoire.

She’s held residencies and played at a number of different nights in Cardiff and over the bridge in the last 20 years, supporting a raft of the finest in the scene, including; Bukem, Calibre, Storm, Digital, Spirit, Total Science, Mampi Swift, Djinn, Indika, Roni Size, Break, Alley Cat, LSB, Randall, Klute and Doc Scott.

Lubi J also presents System Check; a weekly D&B show on Radio Cardiff, dedicated to sharing the latest tracks and classic beats with a strong focus on promoting local djs, producers and events. She has been presenting shows on the radio since she was 16 years old.

Lubi has often been approached by women at gigs about how to get into DJing and asked to run workshops. A few years later, and a chance meeting with some like-minded women in Cardiff, Ladies of Rage (LoR) was born. LoR is a collective of women and non-binary working together and collaborating with others to try and address the gender imbalance in certain musical genres, such as D&B, hip hop, grime, dubstep etc.

The network is based in Cardiff and started with monthly meet-ups or ‘jams’ for artists and other creatives to get together, connect and share their love for music, either through, DJing, MCing/rapping, singing and also spoken word.

They have also hosted 3 big showcase events in Cardiff to promote their network members, run a handful of workshops and manage an online Facebook forum for digital networking and promotion.

After many years of doubt, Lubi has decided to put her love jungle into music production, so watch this space…

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Liquid Soulful DarK