Lucy Kitchen

London, United Kingdom

Vocalist Drum And Bass

Lucy Kitchen’s voice is distinctive – haunting but angelic, it floats over her songs with transcending emotion. 

Her songs are deft and delicate, built on clean-limbed and gentle lines and embellished with only the absolutely essential sonic details. Beats are minimal, textures subtly woven and the music feels nothing more than gossamer and smoke like layers skilfully interlaced to maintain a musical weightlessness.

She has been in demand for collaborations since ‘Looking for Diversion’ was released  on Technimatic’s debut album ‘Desire Paths’. She has releases on Shogun Audio,  Spearhead Records, Liquicity, Dispatch and Flexout Audio. Lucy has worked with Technimatic, BCee, Dexcell and The Vanguard Project amongst others. She has  featured multiple times on BBC Radio 1 and in Mixmag magazine.

“Majestic muse” Mixmag

Lucy has two solo albums ‘Waking’ (2014) and ‘Sun to My Moon’ (2017) released on  her label Bohemia Rose Records (****R2 Magazine, “A thing of beauty” Americana  UK).

She’s performed on the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury Festival and across the UK.

Vocalist Drum And Bass Liquid Soulful Vocals