Mandala Ataksak


DJ Dubstep 140

Mandala Ataksak is a 140 specialist working with only the deepest and darkest sounds of dubstep.

Drawing inspiration from her relationship with dance as ritual, pleasure and healing; Ataksak designs and performs her sets with intention. You may just find yourself lured in, compelled to meditate on bass weight and stomp out your demons to her sets. 

Between the mix, stream managing for Dubplate FM, promoting the sounds she loves and the dance; Ataksak’s relationship with Dubstep and surrounding community has spanned over the course of a decade. She has a no bullshit attitude towards sexism, elitism  lack of diversity and lack of accessibility in the scene. Fierce support of marginalized artists in deep underground bass is one of her greatest passions and motivators. 

With recent features in DJ Mag and Fat Kid On Fire’s “Diversity in Dubstep” series, you can expect to hear much more from this ambassador of the deeps.

DJ Dubstep 140 Deep DarK Subby