Miss Lisa

London, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

Miss Lisa has always had a passion for drum and bass from the age of 17 when her dad showed her the “Ganja kru” Fu*k The Millennium “I was so amazed by this music my dad was playing, the upbeat tempo and the drum breaks triggered a fascination with me”.

Her love for drum and bass grew as she attended all the raves in London her favourite nights were in Fabric or Print Works.Miss Lisa never believed she would be good enough to DJ as she thought her dyspraxia would get in the way until Covid hit in 2019 and lizzie (Miss Lisa) lost all work as the events industry, She used her time to learn what she had always wanted to, she started to produce music and become fascinated with the use of sampling and creating a bass-line.

Miss Lisa in 2019 then released an EP “Neurology” with tells a story with a mixture of genre and techniques using synths such as Serum, Massive and Logics own ES2 while sticking to her roots with old school drum breaks. Then in 2019 she released Planet Jungle with a nod to Attenborough with his face on the EP, this one tried to keep it even more old school and even had a 140 track showing respect to her Dub roots and showing that she can branch out to entirely different genres.

Miss Lisa comes from a background of fine art and from studying art and design at the brit school she prides herself in having a fun and unique art piece on her album covers. Miss Lisa was then contacted by Just Be label to release a track with them “EGGYWEGGS” which was essentially the breakthrough for her, she then was reached out by labels to do live streams and through hard practice her dyspraxia did not stop her and she managed to learn how to DJ on Cdjs within a month and then she was performing on streams with her CDs.

Miss Lisa loves to DJ rollers, jungle, dark raga and jump up 176 BPM, This is represented in her music by creating a range of jump up tracks to heavy rollers. She is inspired by many artists from all genres, her main inspiration for production are Alix Perez, DLR, Hazard, Logan D, Serum and Dillinga. Miss Lisa was also involved in the Reincarnate Recordings ‘Unity Vol.2’ which was a collaborative charity EP for ‘Show racism the red card’ with track ‘Hovis’ which delivers a jump up/rollers vibe.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass