Mother Lotus

Denver, United States

DJ Dubstep 140

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Mother Lotus (Juliana Barranco) brings a fresh take to leftfield bass. With her unique selection of old school dubstep, newer sounds of today’s deep dubstep artists, and beats that are bound to make you move, you’ll be transported into a new horizon of specially curated sets that is Mother Lotus.

From growing up in a family full of musicians to being a technically trained dancer her whole life, music was always the constant. In 2016 after falling ill with Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease, she found herself bedridden with no musical outlet since dancing became incredibly taxing on the body.

In the fall of 2018, she found her love and passion for mixing deep dubstep which is growing and evolving everyday within her sets and as of late production. Without being able to dance as much she did before, mixing and performing has given her the ability to move people through music and give the crowd the space to dance as freely as they want. She hopes to bring a new feel to the scene and truly show her creativity through the one thing that brings us all together … Music

DJ Dubstep 140