Hamburg, Germany

DJ Drum And Bass Dubstep 140 One Sixty

Ana alias nassstya is a DJ with a fabel for all things bass from uk garage, 140, halftime, breaky jungle and Drum and Bass based in Hamburg, Germany. As a crew member of Sub:District , a local DJ/producer collective , she’s been organising dubstep events & soundsystem sessions since 2019. As her love for sub driven music and heavy bass weight meditation has been growing roots for years , she organically made her debut behind the decks mid 2020 in the mids of the pandemic and has been coming through with some fresh mixes for a while now.

Nassstya is also a founding member of the recently established Fem*SoundConnection, which is a creative/selectress/DJ collective entirely run by women in the local soundsystem scene sharing the idea to create an autonomized safe space withing the running system. Due to her love for different genre and tempi, nassstya‘s selection range takes you on a smooth synergistic ride through different styles from start to finish.

DJ Drum And Bass Dubstep 140 One Sixty