Edmonton, Canada

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Dubstep 140 Grime

Passage, better known in the community as Whitney, is an emerging producer and DJ
from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her selections empathetically evoke emotion with a
commanding array of fluid vibrations. Playing with the sounds of deep dubstep, grime,
half-time, hip-hop, footwork and jungle, Passage will provide the bass needed for you to
unfold and pass through to the other side.

Surrounded by music throughout her life, Whitney has been consistently expanding her
horizons and searching for strange sounds. Training in piano, voice, band and several
styles of dance have given her the ear and the edge apparent in her diverse sets. Lit by
the fires of west coast festivals, she has deep respect for the culture and love for the

Passage is a creator who finds inspiration in nature and the wonders of ordinary life.
Currently, she is continuing her journey of production that began at Night Vision Music
Academy, and is an ever-growing element of Umbral Sound System.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Jungle Dubstep 140 Grime Footwork