London, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Dubstep 140

Hailing from a background in UK Garage, with beginnings in El B’s Ghost Recordings, and Baffled Republic, Co-founder of RUDE and Nah Pop No Style, two London bass nights she co-runs with N-Type & Death By Stereo, working with Sgt Pokes running Croydub, former resident on Sub FM, Flex FM, Subtle FM, a female bass music pioneer, Glastonbury Block9 artist, Raggs is a musician, producer, journalist, promoter and one of the world’s leading female dubstep & 140 specialists.

She has an extensive collection of UK bass, grime, dubstep, breaks, dancehall, reggae, dub, hip hop and UKG.

Raggs’ musical collaborations include Coki, El B, Stinkahbell, Beezy, Dubfreq, Kinzy, Mutated Mindz, Nathan Lockett (Baffled/Headtop), KT Tunstall, Slipmatt, Qualifide (Compound One), MC Styles (It’s a London Thing); Sweetie Irie (Gorillaz), Cotti, Killa P, King Yoof, Rob Sparx, As If Kid (production duo ‘Slamfire’), JBeatz, Langa, J Steere Matthews (JSM).

Raggs’ debut production for Ghost Recordings ‘She’s a Ghost’ is a collaboration with El-B. Her first saxophone track “Eva” by Cotti is out on STN. ‘Pressure’ by Ghost is Raggs’ first vocal track, together with ‘Closure’ by Dubface, ft Beezy & Raggs.

Her debut vocal EP ‘In Your Eyes’ came out in the US(San Diego) on Elk Beats; her first two collaborations with Dubfreq ‘Coercion’, and ‘Metaphysic’ (featuring sax/flute performances) are out on Prime Audio.

Raggs also co-produced ‘Leather’ by KT Tunstall, out on Ministry of Sound, and the Asian-influenced sax track “Golden Sax” by the Substeppers was released on Keep Deep.

Raggs released two tracks on King Yoof’s album ‘Homage to the King’ featuring her on sax – out on Moonshine Recordings.

Raggs is currently working with Coki on tracks such as the VIP of Celestial Dub, which can be heard: https://soundcloud.com/raggsmusic/celestial-dub-vip-coki-raggs

Other releases include Soulful Nature’s DnB track “Memories” out on NexGen, J.S.M.’s recent release on Dubbing Sun featuring Raggs & Tenor Youthman, & Zimbabwean artist Langa’s EP out on Studio Rockers featuring the sax track ‘Muroyi’.

Raggs is a music journalist, previously writing for Blues & Soul Magazine, and International DJ Mag.

Raggs is part of Glastonbury’s legendary south east corner, Block9, where she opened for the celebrated IICON stage at the last Glastonbury Festival, also performing at Babylon Uprising.

In 2016 Raggs helped make history playing a set at the world’s first women-only venue at Glastonbury Festival for The Sisterhood,  Shangri La, whilst working with Block9 at London Underground.

Raggs has played for Mala at Deep Medi and Broken Dub House, and has more recently appeared on BBC R1 celebrating 10 years of Croydub alongside Sgt Pokes and the gang.

Raggs is currently producing breaks, grime & ukg with As If Kid as part of the production duo Slamfire, and works with Slimzee & the Slimzos Recordings/Rot Pot collectives, appearing on Rinse FM.

Her most recent venture is a 50+ hour livestream in aid of Mind charity, put together by Hatcha, including a role-call of originators & pioneers from the world of dubstep, grime, ukg, & dnb.

DJ Producer Dubstep 140