London, United Kingdom

DJ Drum And Bass

Kelly Rockall AKA Rockall is a London based DJ new to the public domain. Rockall’s style is an infusion of the light and dark. Storytelling through vocal samples whilst blasting you with heavy basslines. Blending Dancefloor, Neurofunk, Techstep, Darkystyle and Techy roller DnB her sound is innovative and hard hitting.

Rockall has had a passion for music from a young age. Learning to play flute, piano and grading as a classically trained singer. Growing up being heavily influenced by either Classical and Rock music. The inspiration drawn from a love for heavy metal has influenced the particular style of DnB you can expect to hear throughout her mixes.

2011 is where she began to delve into the world of Drum & Bass. Attending Renegade Hardware at Area in Vauxhall a new passion was born. For many
years she enjoyed being in front of the speakers and letting the music take her on a journey but always ensuring to learn the names of any tunes that sparked a fire in her belly. Making sure any artists that inspired her she would see live.

First learning to mix on Vinyl in 2018 she very quickly fell in love with being behind the decks. Rockall became a resident DJ for RUAR Radio in February 2020, hosting an hour weekly DnB show. In August Rockall became a resident for Yamatai Records after doing a guest live stream for their event ‘Queens of the Bass Age’.

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