Sheba Q

Croydon, United Kingdom

DJ Producer Vocalist Drum And Bass Dubstep 140 One Sixty

Sheba Q wants you to know that Jungle is the mother of Grime and the sister of Hip-Hop when she steps up to the turntables. Alongside being a jungle enthusiast, both new and old, she always draws for an eclectic selection, showcasing the true versatility the music has to offer.

In 2018 Sheba Q launched the successful: Jam in the Attic. With DJs and MCs, a cypher/ soundclash event that showcases the “battle” genres that have helped form her musical palette (Jungle, Grime, Garage, Hip-Hop). In 2019 Sheba Q became resident DJ for Clashmouth and continues to play out at events, on radio as well as producing and recording as a vocalist.

Sheba Q is a secondary school maths teacher by day and before Djing, was influenced heavily by her school music teacher Mrs Waite, who encouraged and inspired her to sing, record herself and perform, particularly in choir and using her voice as an instrument for her music GCSE. This experience helped shape her passion for performance and creation.

When Sheba Q steps up to the decks, she brings a deep level of knowledge and understanding to her performance with song selections and samples that showcase an expansive awareness of different kinds of music, even within a jungle set.

Sheba Q has come a long way, having produced and released tracks with Coco Bryce and Double O, featured on Sherelle’s label: Beautiful and her own EP with No Nation on Diffrent music. Notable performances include Keep Hush, Tate Modern, Rupture, DJ Mag, Outlook Festival, Late Night Shopper, Hoots TV, Rudeboys and Rollups, 2022 New Years day mix on BBC Asian Network (featuring musicians from her school) as well as her monthly show on Subtle Radio.

This year is set to be an even more exciting one as Sheba Q is committed to exploring and expanding her performance and artistry as a vocalist, producer as well as DJ.

DJ Producer Vocalist Drum And Bass Dubstep 140 One Sixty