Denver, United States

DJ Dubstep 140 Grime

Denver-based selectress Siren, who isn’t afraid to blur the lines between grime and dubstep, is known best for weaving her passion for music throughout each and every set.

By utilizing her intrinsic thirst for uncovering the freshest tunes as the driving force, Siren has been branding her unique stamp on the music world over the past five years with the goal of bringing Grime to the forefront of her listener’s attention. Through her monthly radio show on, which she  cultivated for over 2 years, Siren has amassed a global following for her heavily Grime influenced musical personality that never sacrifices freshness.

And having already played alongside scene heavy hitters like Flava D, Sir Spyro, Kahn & Neek, Boofy, Hi5Ghost, Compa,  Starkey, Trisicloplox, Samba, Koma and Content, it’s clear that Siren is not only paving the way for her own bright future, but the future of women in the electronic music scene as well.

DJ Dubstep 140 Grime