Brighton, United Kingdom

DJ Drum And Bass Jungle

Brighton UK based DJ & promoter with underground music scene. She can be heard playing in the South East of UK at underground Hardcore, Jungle and Drum and Bass events.

Sista-Matic is a a multi genre DJ with a diverse taste in electronic music which she regularly represents, but she is mainly known for her distinctive darker edge sounds of Old Skool Hardcore, Amen Jungle, Drum and Bass, Jungle Techno and Techstep. Preferring to play vinyl, supporting and pushing new producers, labels and releases, as well keeping her 25+ year old Vinyl collection alive.

After years as a raver, and an avid vinyl collector & hobby vinylist from the early 90s, with influences such as LTJ Bukem, Ratty and Omni Trio, she began her front line DJ journey in 2014 and began playing at parties and events including Club Labrynth Radio and Fusion. Her ability to connect with the crowd and passion & knowledge for underground music was instantly recognised and in coming months/years she went on to play at events such as Rupture, Distant Planet, Calling the Hardcore, Epidemik, Pressure, The Box, Dance Conspiracy, Spectrum, Vinyl Justice, Dirty Dozen & Entrancement. Also gaining residencies with Fusion Hectic and Le Rave.

In recent years as well as regularly hosting radio shows on stations such as Fright Night Radio, she has played at venues including Corsica Studios, Venue MOT, Fire & Lightbox and Bar 512 London, Volks Brighton, The Fire Station Bournemouth, Café Rene Gloucester, The Roadmender Northampton, The Black Cat Club, The Hub Brighton, Bar Mode Hastings and more. Supporting dozens of her musical idols and pioneers.

A versatile DJ playing mainly underground Drum & Bass & Amen Jungle, as well as keeping a strong connection to her roots, playing regular Old Skool 92/93 Hardcore & Jungle Techno sets. Acid House, Tech House and Belgium Techno are also on the list. Her distinctive mixing style, passion & knowledge of underground music, and ability to take crowds on a journey through the light & dark facets of heavy amen breakbeats, rumbling bass lines and euphoric rides makes her a solid artist, with a lot to offer ravers and events looking for that underplayed and obscure sound on the dance floor.

In recent times Sista moved onto to setting up her own promotions and for the last 4 years has organised and promoted mixed genre, Underground Old Skool events under her brand ASTRAL BEATS where she and team also focus on fundraising for Jigsaw Trust. Previously hosting Mark Archer, Kenny Ken and Dr S Gachet, alongside supporting underground artists.

March 2020 also saw the launch of her new brand/event Spectral Breaks which encompasses all music derived from the Amen Break, including Old Skool-present day Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle and Drum and Bass. Fallout, Nebula2, DJ Trax and Major Ranks are just a few artists who were involved in the launch night at Volks nightclub Brighton.

Sista-Matic also specialises in Event Photography as ‘Holographicz’ which she runs alongside her music ventures Working with Brighton Music Conference, Code South FM and more.

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