Johannesburg, South Africa

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

Stay-C is a Johannesburg-based drum and bass DJ and producer favouring the techy sound of DnB. Stay-C fell in love with drum and bass through exposure to artists like Pendulum, Netsky and Prodigy in 2011 and then went on to start producing DnB in 2015 after being inspired by local parties in her home city.

In 2019, Stay-C started her own drum and bass events company, Onyx. With the tagline of ‘for the outliers’, Onyx is dedicated to providing a welcoming and exciting space for people of all walks of life to connect through the beauty of electronic music. 2020 marked the pinnacle of Stay-C drum and bass career – as the winner of the Hospital Records Women in DnB 2020 Mentorship, she has been working closely with the Hospital team to improve the quality of her tunes and cultivate her sound.

Stay-C recently opened Day 2 of Hospitality on the Beach 2020 stream in which she played some of her favourite tracks of the year, her own productions and some classics that have inspired her throughout the years. She curates every set with an aim to speak to your feet as well as your heart and blends all styles of drum and bass while maintaining persistent groove and flow to demonstrate the versatility and magnificence of drum and bass.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Tech