New South Wales, Australia

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

Jessica Tassone is a DJ based out of Sydney, playing d’n’b, techno and more. Her style is a curated selection of cinematic and jazzy songs that are groovy and uplifting, combined with bass-heavy and percussive rhythms that make junglists and ravers go wild.

She has made a remarkable entrance to the DJ circuit in mid 2019, with over 30 performances at various clubs supporting the likes of Camo & Krooked, Calyx & Teebee and Dimension, played around warehouses, and many street-protests under her belt, and finished the year with a headliner show in Shibuya, Tokyo, putting her high on the watch list for the bass heads in Sydney and Japan.

She also ran many events, including the successful Tasshaus event, with eyes on bigger and louder parties in future. Early 2020, she launched Cabin Fever Crew, which was created to bring artists together through lockdown with regular streams. When the world re-opens, Cabin Fever Crew will hold parties and more. We can’t wait!

Keep a close eye out for her in future, she’s a budding producer too!

DJ Producer Drum And Bass