London, United Kingdom

DJ Drum And Bass

Grace aka Tkd Gal is12 years old, and was inspired to DJ by her  dad (DJ Magnum). Tkd Gal refers to her passion for Taekwondo, which she has studied for nearly six years and has reached a mature level whilst collecting many medals in competitions.

She joined her dad on his weekly live streams for DnB Run come and quickly became their youngest member. From this she has taken part in various live stream events, for other Facebook pages (Ox4dnb, Block2Block,and United Arts).

She was given a unique opportunity to visit Silverback studios, which is owned by Rawdio who are a local sound system/promoters. During her visit, Rawdio was doing a promo photo shoot with artists and testing the mighty Riggamortiz system. This was the moment she had the chance to actually feel DnB. She has now managed two Silverback streams to add to her home streaming. Despite her age, she is currently mixing on three decks.

Grace’s Dad has encouraged herself to immerse herself in DnB, as he feels it’s important for her to find her own style and sub genre preference. She has now totally fallen in love with the sound of jungle.

DJ Drum And Bass