Glasgow, United Kingdom

DJ Dubstep 140

VAJ.Power (they/them), formerly a tandem, is an alias of DJ, promoter and pooking agent hailing from Moscow and currently based in Glasgow.

Their practice started in early 2016 from the love for both music and visual art, which led them to pursue VJ practice, but it was inevitable they would also end up behind the decks.

Featured as one of the artists to look out for by Mixmag, as well as given the platform at Mixmag Impact series, they love to create an immersive experience musically and visually, with the focus on dark 140bpm-driven atmosphere, mixing it up with upbeat club sound and experimental electronics. VAJ.Power has been featured in numerous articles, discussing such subjects as accessibility in relation to club spaces, queer and womxn representation and ethics in the UK bass scene behind their projects.

Their night FUSE and the booking agency of the same name aims to bring together visual artists, musicians and DJs, to collaborate and create audio-visual performances in the safe and encouraging environment, especially for women, queer and non-binary people. Previously they have welcomed such guests as Sicaria Sound, L U C Y, Shy One, CATNAPP & ZHA to their club nights, as well as supported the likes of SHERELLE, Yazzus, Proc Fiscal and Inkke to name the few.

VAJ.Power are also hosts of DJ / VJ / 3D animation workshops that allow people to start their own AV practice.

DJ Dubstep 140