Vazda Garant

Belgrade, Serbia

DJ Drum And Bass Dubstep 140 Grime One Sixty

Vazda Garant is a group of young women whose main goal is to promote different and other kinds of underground culture in Belgrade, Serbia. Our main focus is on promoting UK underground genres, and we are inspired by labels like Swamp81, Kaizen, White Peach, and others.

So far, Belgrade has been established as one of the party capitals in Europe, but mainly in techno genres; our aim is to add more diversity to the genres being played, and we would love to put Belgrade on the map of underground party cities. We perform and play genres such as dubstep, drum’n’bass, halfstep, hip hop, grime, etc. We like to say that we work between 130-170 bpm since it’s so hard to limit ourselves with all the amazing music out there!

Another thing we are truly passionate about is increasing the representation of women in the underground scene. We find that there is a lack of diversity at parties, so we would not only love for women to see that they can be DJs, but that they can party safely, too.

So far, we have booked some foreign guest DJs and MCs – in 2017 we hosted Sumgii and Illaman, in 2018 we hosted Sam Binga, and in 2019 we hosted Chimpo.

While there are five of us in the group, there are two girls representing our group and aim as DJs across cities in Serbia.

DJ Drum And Bass Dubstep 140 Grime One Sixty