Leiden, Netherlands

DJ Producer Drum And Bass

At the age of 20 ViceByLara (Leiden, the Netherlands) got into contact with Drum and Bass for the first time ever during the Covid-19 lockdown. Immediately she was hooked on this energetic genre full of nuances, complexity and immersive drops. This is, at the same time, the exact thing she wants to achieve through her sets and music. A compelling sound full energy, double drops, complexity and layers through Dark Dancefloor vibes and Neurofunk is what’s to be expected from her. Since ViceByLara started (2021) she has already published multiple mixtapes which quickly caught the attention of already established DJ’s and producers (NCT, T & Sugah, S9, SiLi, Polygon), performed in multiple clubs and on various stages (Maxi Radio, Leiden) to show what she’s got and recently endeavouring on an adventure with multiple female DJ’s in the form of a Drum and Bass collective called FLUX/X to show what womxn are capable of!

Not only did the Covid-19 lockdown help her to perfect her mixing skills, Lara also started organizing parties and now curates, together with FLUX/X, a Drum and Bass clubnight called IMPAKT in Kiki Club Leiden where she is a resident together with the girls of FLUX/X.

DJ Producer Drum And Bass Neurofunk High Energy DarK